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AUG 11 2012

Slice The Pie – Get Paid To Review Music

Paid To Review Music, Paid To Write

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Review music on Slice The Pie and get paid. Invite your friends and take advantage of Slice The Pie’s referral program and earn passive income.


What you see is what you get with Slice the Pie. Listen to 90 seconds of music, submit a real review, and get paid via paypal. That really is all there is to it. A “real review” means a genuine thought out review. Use words related to music and write more than three sentences and you’re good. Increase your base pay by increasing your rank. Increase your rank with a combination of quality and quantity. The more you write, the better you write, the more you get paid.


Market research. Um… that’s it. Artists/Labels want to know what you, the people, think of their music so they can tailor it to a broader audience to sell more records and make a ton of money. Much more than they spend on the research. No mystery, no Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. In fact, no curtain.

Keep plugging away!

If you’re only making a small amount per review, do not get discouraged, that will¬†increase as long as you keep plugging away. It will not take long at all. Just keep in mind you’re getting paid to listen to music. What’s better than that? I would make $.07 on a review and a rare $.14 now and then. In a few weeks, $.14 became the norm and now I get no less than $.20 a review ¬†with $.32 being my highest reward to date (9/21/2012). That’s $8-$12.40 an hour if you do the math.

(Know that these payouts don’t get locked in. I was gung-ho out of the gate and was reviewing non-stop at one point and that may be why I saw a steady increase nearly each review. This is not typical. You can definitely drop back down.)

Those are the pro’s, what are the cons?

This is a program that you can lose interest in temporarily because sometimes what you wrote for one song applies to another. Slice The Pie will prevent you from writing the same review for multiple songs (or reviews that are too similar). This can get frustrating. What I do is just swap out Slice The Pie for other programs like PostLoop (get paid to post in forums) for example. When I get tired of one, I go back to the other. It won’t be (for some at least) an everyday program.

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Referral Program:
You get 10% of whatever your referrals earn for a year.

Cashout details:
You have to reach $10 in your balance in order to cashout.

Payment methods:

There are 54 comments

  • cmarten on said:

    This sounds like an excellent opportunity for people who love exploring new music. It’s not too hard to write an honest review of a song after you’ve listened to it for a while. You could even listen while working on other things that don’t take too much of your attention. Thanks for the head’s up about this.

  • Danae1992 on said:

    Is there a limit to how many songs you can listen to in a day? I figure with the free time I have at work I can knock out quite a few songs.

    • Home Work Hustling on said:

      No limits at all. As long as you want to listen and have something to say, go for it.

    • jamescollins368 on said:

      I am going to check this out I love listening to music, and to get paid for it even better. What type of genre do you have to listen too, and are you able to pick what you want to hear, if so that would really give me more staying power on the site. thanks for telling us about this site.

      • Home Work Hustling on said:

        You listen to all genres. You can’t choose what you’ll review though. This is one of the reasons it may get tedious. When you get tired of it, you want to have other sites you can go to to take its place. You can always come back to it later.

  • andy103 on said:

    Honestly this sounds pretty nice, especially since there is no limits. It sounds like something I’d be willing to try out.

  • gigiBontam on said:

    What a great way to earn money for listening to some awesome music that you might not get a chance to listen to anywhere else and get paid!

  • elleworkathome on said:

    I’ve signed up for this site, and have done some reviewing, but haven’t gotten a pay out yet. I plan to stick with it, just because it’s fun to listen to new music and good writing practice to try writing original reviews each time. Definitely not a way to pay your bills, but a fun way to make some extra income doing something you enjoy.

    Oh, and they just added something new (maybe just for the ladies?), which is reviewing clothing. This is even more fun, since you get paid per review, and it’s not dependent on how much you say or the “quality” of your review, as with the music side. I’ve had lots of fun critiquing some truly hideous outfits!

    • Home Work Hustling on said:

      I’ve heard about the clothing thing before. Someone asked me about it and mentioned that it may only be offered to women (I’m male). It’s never been offered to me and I wouldn’t know where to find it. That’s great though! Even if the designs are hideous, it’s still fun to critique haha.

      I would cash out several weeks in a row on STP. I’m very much into music (the other site I run is a music site) but I’m not much of a writer. I think I was able to cash out so frequently because I was just gung ho about the concept. It did get tedious trying to come up with something new and I slowed down eventually but I was actively seeking referrals by that time and have accumulated a lot. I spent some money to do that though. This is probably the easiest of the sites that I work on to gain referrals though. If you’re into music you can find people on music blogs and in music forums. If they allow pictures and links in your sig, just created a banner with it and a short explanation and people will definitely click.

  • lemonz on said:

    I actually signed up for this a while back and forgot about it, so thanks for the reminder.

    I wish it didn’t reset the volume after each song, though. Ah well.

  • dannyluke on said:

    Being a music fan, this does look very interesting. However, here’s my question: Is it available for people outside of the US? There are so many websites of this kind that are only available for US or UK residents. Thanks.

    • Home Work Hustling on said:

      There seems to be no restrictions on where you’re from. Given that they pay you on the quality of your reviews, where you’re from doesn’t matter.

  • matterhatter on said:

    I’ve used before. You don’t make too much money off of it, but it is a great resource for some side case. It can also be rather fun listening to songs that not too many people have heard yet, and then being able to give your advice to the artist.

  • nematoad1998 on said:

    I really wish I could use this. it seems really fun. However, when I sign up, it accuses me of using a proxy. Their support is horrid and kept asking me stupid questions that made no sense, only to tell me there was nothing they could do. It seems good, but doesn’t work.

  • K.M.Z on said:

    I am really trying hard to find something that I can do at home to make money. I have been trying for a long time now, however I keep running into scams. I wish I could find something that is legit. I am on the computer all day taking surveys and writing in forums, but I can’t seem to make enough money to get a payout. I really need something good. I am not expecting a get rich quick thing, but it would just be nice to get paid.

  • Scottf14 on said:

    I recently started with slicethepie. I actually like it quite a bit. It won’t make me a fortune since I only use it during time between articles that I write during he day, but it seems like it might be good for the long haul. I tend to waffle between $0.07 to $0.09 centers per review right now. That amount seems to be normal from what I have noticed.

  • intothebleach on said:

    This is one of my favourite sites to earn from. I love music so I listen to this daily while gong through my emails. I have been paid out for a few times from Slice The Pie and will continue to do so. If you havent signed up yet do so today

  • hbmm on said:

    So far I have made $2.19 on slicethepie. I find it gets a bit boring but at least you making money doing it. My usual is now around $0.014. But sometimes can be as low as $0.06 for things I can’t seem to find anything to write about.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to make the most out of slicethepie?

  • thevirtualtraveler on said:

    I have heard about this website before but did not really know what it was all about.

    Now thanks to your review, I have a better idea and I think I might just try it out too!

    If it is possible to get up to even making $8 an hour for your work then it sounds like it gives you a good return for the money that you put in.

    Of course I do understand that you have to stick with it in order to work up to that amount but just as long as one works hard at it, I think it is a good way to make a little extra income online!

  • tjtrellmom on said:

    I have signed up for Slice the Pie and I like it. I’ve been doing it for about a week now, but do not review music everyday. It is true, it can get boring it done to offer. So, I too switch from PostLoop to SlicethePie every other day. When I first started I made $0.05 now I’m at $0.10 (sometime I get $.12). Everyone should try it out!

  • MnyChik5 on said:

    I’ve been with Slice the Pie for a while. When I first started it gave me like $0.12 for each review. It did that for like four times & then it dropped drastically. I really couldn’t figure out what the problem was & why I was getting 2 or 3 cents for each review. I was being as descriptive as possible & using musical terms. I also wrote like two paragraphs for each review! I eventually gave up… and then a few days ago I saw some good things about it & gave it another shot. I’m glad I did, I make about $0.08 to $0.10 for each now. I don’t know how because I still write the same as before but I like it!

    • Home Work Hustling on said:

      It can be confusing and unfortunately I don’t know the secret either. I know for myself, when I had reviews that didn’t go through it wasn’t because of length, but mainly because they may have sounded too similar to previous reviews. Maybe they’ve tweaked it a little because of that complaint. But as I say above, keep plugging away, you’ll definitely make some money.

  • hbmm on said:

    Yes I would love to see a more in depth guide on how to make the most money on slicethepie. For example, the length, different terms you could use and anything else that would help your reviews get more money.

    Or does anybody know a good site that does this?

    • Home Work Hustling on said:

      Honestly, I haven’t actively looked for guides, but I have read about STP and I would think that I would’ve run into something by now but just haven’t. Of course, anyone that knows can certainly shoot a link this way, but so far, I just don’t think there’s a real magic way of doing things. Sometimes it’s just downright confusing why one review went through but another one didn’t.

      Terms are just anything music related. You can name instruments, refer to vocals and everything associated with them (octave, tone, soprano, anything), bass, treble, whatever pops into your head music related is always good. Length should be at least 4 sentences but again, you will need music related terms in those sentences.

  • Chamm on said:

    I love the idea and it does sound like a fun way to earn a little extra cash, but I have never reviewed anything before, do you think I could still do okay on it?

    • Home Work Hustling on said:

      Of course. It’s for anyone. I’ve seen some people’s reviews and trust me, if they can do it, anyone can do it. Their reviews were bad and they still managed to get them through and get paid for it. The quality of your review determines what you get paid, so try it out, see if it works for you. No harm in trying. You might like it and stick with it. If not, well, it didn’t cost you anything.

      • chris on said:

        Can you share some secrets to getting your review approved and maybe get payed more? I’m sure that you know a thing or two about what’s good and what is not so good on Slicethepie. Thanks!

  • Miya on said:

    I’ve heard both good and bad things about this site. I held off signing up for it before because I’m not very good with my musical terms, but I think I’ll give it a try now. Like you said, there’s no harm in trying and if I end up hating it, I’ll just drop it. $10 is a reasonable cashout so who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to cashout.

    If you don’t mind me asking, (approximately) how much did you make from this site and how long have you been a member?

    • Home Work Hustling on said:

      Based on my payment proofs, I’ve been a member since Feb 2012. You can also check there to see what I’ve made in the images I’ve posted from PayPal. Keep in mind though, I don’t rely on any one program and I stress multiple streams of income. What I earn and where I earn jumps around. Currently I haven’t been working on Slice The Pie and have only been cashing out from referrals which takes longer than if I was active on the site.

      • Miya on said:

        Thanks for the information. Your blog is very helpful. I just signed up with your referral. link and reviewed my first song. Hopefully it’ll help you get closer to cashout. :D

        • Miya on said:

          I’ve been using SlicethePie for a few days now and I like it a lot. It’s fun and my earnings per review has been increasing.

          I do have one little problem with them though. During certain times, I can’t submit my reviews. When I click “submit” after writing my review, I’m stuck on the loading page. The review never gets submitted. I notice this only happens when I submit a review at night; when I submit reviews during other times of the day, the review goes through without a problem.

          Have you ever had this problem? Is it a glitch in their system or should I contact customer service and have them look into my account?

          • Home Work Hustling on said:

            I would guess there customer service would be poor. I don’t know that from experience because I’ve never needed it, but, with sites like these, I just assume it. You could try though. I would think at certain hours they use that time for updates and any tweaks in the site since there aren’t that many people on. That would be my guess, but I wouldn’t know that for sure.

  • Miya on said:

    Oh, okay. I guess if the problem continues, I’ll try contacting customer service. Other than that little problem though, I’m really happy with SlicethePie. Thanks again.

  • MnyChik5 on said:

    I just cashed out $12 a few days ago and I was scared there was going to end up being some problems, but it was a breeze. I love it even though it gets boring sometimes. The only issues I have is trying to submit too, I have to keep logging out every 2 or 3 songs.

  • MindyT on said:

    I have heard about this site a few weeks ago, but I was a little frightened to try it. Now after reading all these comments, I will give it a try. It seems like most people are pleased with it. Writing reviews and getting paid will help. Every penny adds up and counts. Thanks for explaining the program very thoroughly.

  • rivenlancer on said:

    Hm, it seems their site is down at the moment but I’ll definitely register when it comes back up. I’ve heard a lot about it, but your article really got me to thinking to push for it finally. $0.30 for a three-sentence review is really a good rate considering that you only need to put in a few minutes of your time.

  • Maddy on said:

    i signed up and I am amazed at how easy it is. There really is money to be made and anyone who has not joined, what are you waiting?! I can see myself spending some time with this one as well as earning some extra cash here and there. Not a bad little side gig. Thanks for the information.

  • MindyT on said:

    A few days ago, I posted that I would give it a try. I did! It is very simple and easy to do. I did a few reviews, and I got paid .08 the first time. The next review I wrote more details and received .11. After one session, I made a little over $1. It seems to add up fairly quickly. I am definitely glad I signed up.

  • Uranus on said:

    Granted it is a fairly enjoyable way of making money, it can sometimes be quite slow and tiring. I did have an account there, but when they launched their new site, I was one of very few who’s account got lost during migration, so all my earnings were lost, which got me quite angry as I was at about $8 on there, so I gave up on that site and never registered again.

  • pandandesign on said:

    I have heard about the website. It looks like it is an interesting site to get paid by reviewing music. I will give a try to this site. Thank you for the recommendation!

  • amhamilton on said:

    I really enjoy Slice The Pie. I end up running out of things to say about the different music though. its a good one to do because you can put the music on and then go and then do something else on the computer for a few minutes.

  • LipsticksandJeans on said:

    Do the reviews for Slice The Pie have to be a certain number of words or characters? I have not tried out this site, just wondering about the criteria.

    • homeworkhustling on said:

      Try it! It’s free to join and they do pay. You can check the payment proofs section and see.

      There’s no real specified limit on the site, but if you try to submit a review that’s too short, a box will pop up letting you know you need to write more. At least 4 or 5 lines in the review box should be enough but remember to focus more on a quality review than anything else.

  • EZpwnage on said:

    SliceThePie is an excellent service for earning money reviewing music. I don’t like it much, but it’s a very user-friendly, simple service that allows people to earn an extra bit of money when they have spare time.

  • Qamra on said:

    I tried SliceThePie and worked great for me! It takes some time to learn how to be quick in writing, also great deal of patience with bad music, but it’s totally worth it. I only cashed out few times because I didn’t have much time for it but I’m improving!

  • bonyi on said:

    This sounds great. But it seem like it is all kinds of music you have to listen or do you have to choose the music you listen to? If they have categories of music to choose from, this will be great for me.

    • Home Work Hustling on said:

      You don’t get to pick the categories of music. It’s random.

  • hbmm on said:

    I’m making between $0.10-$0.13 per review now:) I know I can earn more and need to keep working hard to get there. I’m up to about $5 now, how long has it taken people to get to $10? It seems to be taking quite a while for me, don’t know why

  • hbmm on said:

    Also, does anyone else seem to be getting problems with their reviews like this is too familiar, woah slow down, use some punctuation and this review is too similar to your past reviews. Anyone else having problems like this?

  • MissPotato on said:

    Well – I already love music anyway. So getting paid for something that involves listening to it AND talking about it just seems like a great deal. Thanks!

  • cara18 on said:

    I have signed up for the sites a few weeks ago. So far I have only made about a dollar because I have only done about one or two reviews a day. I plan to increase this though. One thing i have learned about the site is that the more you write and the more descriptive you are the more you earn. They also give out bonuses sometimes too which is great. I really do love music and I do like some of these songs on the website. Overall, it is a great website.

  • hbmm on said:

    I’m nearly at $6 now. Does anyone have any tips to make even more? also is there a way to sort of refer people and you can make money that way?

  • hbmm on said:

    I struggle with writing reviews on postloop because they all start saying this sounds too familiar, woooah add punctuation, this is too similar to other reviews. and i re-write them and they say the same, and i re write them again and still they say that. I am sort of giving up on it; but if it works for you its great

  • DIwan on said:

    Hello if you still want to join Slice the pie please do it through my referral link it would be much appreciatedhttp ://

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